UCAS, personal statements, and Oxbridge Applications

We can help with UCAS, Personal Statements and applications to universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and the LSE.

It is not unusual for pupils of 17 years of age not to know what they want to do for the remainder of their lives. Indeed it is remarkable that some of them do. Yet at the beginning of their final year at school, some important choices need to be made with regard to university applications especially. Pupils also need to draft a Personal Statement as part of their application process.

The teachers who work with BHT are experienced at helping candidates in to top universities.  They will sit down with you and go through all the options and explain to you in detail what is involved.

Example: A typical example is when a pupil wants to study a course such as economics but is unsure whether it will be “too mathematical”. Or a pupil wants to apply for history at Oxford or Cambridge and needs advice as to how to make their application stand out from all the other candidates.

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