Medical and Veterinary School Applications

We can help with applications to medical and veterinary schools; BMAT and UKCAT.

Applications to study medicine require a different approach from other university applications. Not only is a strong background in science required but the BMAT and UKCAT need a tailored approach that is widely over looked. There is even a substantial essay section designed to test applicants’ reasoning skills.

Some very experienced science teachers work with BHT who have an excellent record at helping people through this process. Medical school applicants in this situation tend to be organised and highly motivated and what they often just need are teachers who can outline what they need to cover and explain the application process in detail. We provide competent and experienced guidance and greatly enjoy helping pupils of this kind.

Example: A pupil who has already done a year at university realises that their true vocation is to study medicine.  They do not want to go back to school.  They are highly motivated but need to study one of the sciences in one year and apply to study medicine.  They need the reassurance of professional teachers who have catered for this type of need before.

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